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RIMANTAS DICHAVICIUS present BalticART 2004 Nr. 1


Petras Repsys
Sarunas Sauka
Liudas Truikys
Guntars Sietinsh
Ivo Lill
Pal Svensson
Torben Heron
Jyrki Parantainen
Bodo A. Schieren
Arne Bendik Sjur
Vlad. Grebennikov
Valentina Sidorova
Andrzej Strumillo
Dear Colleagues, Artists, Art Lovers and Dealers,
If You have become interested in the Idea of this publication and its future prospects, the editorial board is open to any information, advertisements and suggestions on our pages.
The editors of the magazine ask You to give information, about your country's artists through magazines, books, catalogues that are printed there.
We hope that the first steps would lead to a wider and deeper creative cooperation in the future.
With best wishes Editors of "BalticART"
Adress: PB 126 , VILNIUS  01003, LITHUANIA
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